NFT 4 Cause

Elevating others with a little heart and $SOL

What is NFT 4 Cause?

We mint Solana tokens with socially relevant artwork to raise awareness and funding for global charities. We direct 75% of all primary sales and royalties to non-profit organizations chosen by token holders. An additional 5% is contributed to the Solana RadRugs project in support of community safety and transparency, for a total of 80% overall giving.

How does it work?

We use the Solana Blockchain because it has fast and reliable transactions, low-cost fees and most importantly a vibrant community of collectors. Fundraising backed by the blockchain ensures transparency. When you purchase or trade an NFT 4 Cause token, transactions can be monitored to confirm how funds are managed.

Mint an NFT and 75% of the primary sales are moved to the DAO managed treasury to be donated to charity.

A week after the mint is complete, token holders have the opportunity to vote to choose how funds are donated.

The fun part! We empty the DAO treasury and give it all to organizations who needs the resources.

75% of the royalties accumulate in the DAO treasury, and each quarter token holders can vote again for a new charity.

Join the DAO

The NFT 4 Cause DAO manages a treasury and holds quarterly votes to release funds to selected non-profit organizations. All NFT holders receive governance token airdrops to enable representative voting. Hold your NFTs or trade them, you'll still be able to vote as long as you keep your N4C governance tokens.

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