Minting Feb 1 on a candy machine near you!

Thu, Jan 13, 2022

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Mark your calendars and get your $SOL ready, Pandemic Heroes are dropping with 2019 hand drawn NFTs February 1st @ 18:00 UTC! Mint a new hero for 1 $SOL and you'll not only be supporting a global non-profit, but also get rewarded with bonus N4C tokens to boost your voting power.

Minting Feb 1 on a candy machine near you!

The mint opens February 1st @ 18:00 UTC! We’ve been working hard behind the scenes to put together a fun and original collection of Pandemic Heroes. You know them…the people who keep our world moving in the right direction when things seem upside down.

For every hero minted or sold on a secondary market, 75% of the $SOL proceeds are deposited into the donation treasury managed by our DAO. As a holder, past or present you have the opportunity to vote on where to donate the funds every quarter!

Buy an NFT and support global charity, it’s that simple.

The collection

Each collectible highlights a pandemic hero with hand drawn children’s artwork enhanced through AI rendering. The worldwide reach of the crisis is emphasized using flags and data from the 50 countries most impacted by the pandemic.

Available rare features offer a fun and exciting mint experience in this randomized collection:

Mint price is set for 1 $SOL, and the Metaplex candy machine is ready to serve up unique NFTs on every transaction!

DAO and rewards

In our previous post we described the DAO structure and N4C governance token rewards for token holders. Give it a read, there are details you won’t want to miss!

TLDR - NFT 4 Cause supporters who participate in the mint receive bonus governance tokens as a thanks for their founding membership in the DAO. Secondary buyers and sellers also receive governance tokens, so everyone in the evolving community has a voice in managing the donation treasury.

The DAO will hold quarterly votes to empty the treasury on a chosen non-profit organization.

How do I get one of these?

Don’t know where to get started? Don’t worry, we’ll be writing a blog post soon on how to get started with cryptocurrency, Solana and NFTs. It’s easy, we promise!