Introducing Pandemic Heroes

Wed, Jan 5, 2022

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The art is complete and the candy machine is primed. Support global charity with every minted NFT and join the DAO to choose who receives our first donation. Stay tuned for details on the drop, you will not want to miss it!

Introducing Pandemic Heroes

The COVID-19 pandemic has taught us that heroes truly walk among us. Here is an opportunity for the NFT community to show them some love!

Meet the Pandemic Heroes. Each NFT in this collection highlights a pandemic hero with hand drawn children’s artwork enhanced through AI rendering. The global nature of the crisis is emphasized using the flags of the 50 countries most impacted by the pandemic. If you get lucky there are rare features in the mix to make these collectibles really shine!

One week after the heroes sell out, token holders can vote to select a charity to receive the $SOL raised during the mint.

Don’t see your favorite global charity? No problem, reach out to us on Twitter and we can update the list!

More details to come…

Update - Pandemic Heroes mint date and details have been released!