Meet the Team


The NFT 4 Cause project started over winter break, teaching our children about blockchain technology and NFT basics as a fun activity. A simple learning exercise soon turned into an idea to allow our family to give back to the global community. We have always valued philanthropy, whether it be foster care, volunteering for local non-profits or giving of our financial resources. Combining blockchain with our passion was a perfect fit.

Aaron - Development

Aaron is a senior developer and team lead at a major cloud computing company. He provides the technical expertise to turn the family's creative ideas into reality. As an avid learner, blockchain development has now turned from hobby into a full fledged project maintained in his spare time.

Jen - Marketing

The brains behind the operation, Jen is an expert in fitness industry marketing. She provides the understanding to connect with people and ensure the projects we offer are on trend and socially relevant.

The kids - Artwork

Our three children provide the artwork that gets rendered to land on our NFTs. The world of blockchain has been an incredible learning experience as they start to understand how technology can connect people and become a vehicle to give back to our communities.